The biggest Cyber Attack | world wide Internet slowdown

The recent slow because the world, the biggest cyber attack in history. Cyber ​​attacks between the two sides - jerei counter-attack is unlikely. London and Geneva-based spam groups' spyamahasa 'and the Dutch web hosting company, saibarabankara' -'s conflict between the onset of the attack. E - mail spam and unwanted content filtering service works spyamahasa. At one point in the conflict saibarabankarera server spyamahasa block. Eraparai cyber criminal charges against the group of counter-measures saibarabankara. Europe, with a large number of cyber cakrake spyamahasera assault on the saibarabankara. Kyasaparaski the lab researchers, non-governmental organizations with a cyber duskrtakarira spyamahasa the London and jenebhabhittika 300 Gigabit per second as the attack, which was - yabatkalera didasa the large scale attacks. Spyamahasa name of the e - mail services work to remove the message from the spam or Associated malware. The spread of spam websites from a 'computer' was published.
'Saibarabankara' only child parnagraphi and terrorist activity without the involvement of other organizations / initiatives in service. In its spokesman claimed that a person with a message, "spyamahasa misuse of their position. What can the Internet - what can they decide that they should not ". The saibarabankararera terrorist with links to the complaints made spyamahasa cycle.
Silicon Valley is located in the Internet security company klaudaphleyara, spyamahasa -'s through E - meilakendrika 80 percent of the spam filter. Inter alia, the goal is to run a cyber attack spyamahasa klaudaphleyara stop working. Of cyber attacks is to prevent the attacks of themselves. Klaudaphleyara CEO Matthew Prince at hamalake "nuclear bombim" compared with the.
The researchers said, is a computer system resources or attack didasa [Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)]  sebagrahitara a strategy prevents actual users. It has affected website when you can slow down or speed in many cases it is completely closed. For communication with a computer system from the outside or sending messages through the site attacked. A message can also analyze if that is the message, then the message is sent to the attacker bislesanei system becomes overloaded, the actual users are experiencing slow. The attack was the 010 in a didasa, where 100 Gigabit per second as the attacks were. The view from 100 to 300 Gigabit SmÏc fQŪh eĄ hŪmĄ, of course, a large number of
Computer Security - Technical Director of the NCC said Paul bhlisasidasa, spyamahasa the amount of internet traffic byabahuta pratisthanatite cyber attack has been run, the whole Internet - a tool to overwrite affected. The reason is, my computer used to run the attack, which will be difficult to prevent. If some computer didasa the attack, but it easily could be filtered. But the type of attack used by millions of computers around the world, because it may reduce the speed of the Internet.
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