What is the name of the world's most destructive and terrible cyclone?

The Great Bhola Cyclone (1970)November 1, 1970 in the coastal area of ​​Bangladesh is 40 km per hour speed aghatahane devastating Bhola cyclone, "The Great Bhola Cyclone"Bhola coastal area, manapura, caraphyasana, daulatakhamna, tajumaddina, dhalacara, Char Jabbar, Char kacchapiya, Char patila, kukari mukari, Char abadulla, ramagati, Sandwip, tool, Barguna, Patuakhali, Chittagong coastal regions with strong tidal comes tere.Around 5,50,000 people died due to the tidal monsters. The exact number is not known, but it is the death of one of the most devastating cyclone ghati life is considered.It is not known so far, the storm - jalocchbase how many people were killed. Someone has calculated an estimated 10 million people lost their lives. Nearly 1 million people were directly facing the devastating loss.After the storm, and jalocchbase villages, people, homes, crops, cattle bhasiyeneya all. Taraparaparai cholera, typhoid and other diseases became widespread. They are the survivors of disasters in food, drinking water, lack of medicines die. The New York Times at the time when it was reported as bhayankaratama cyclone. It was one of the most terrible natural disaster of the twentieth century.1970 - Bhola cyclone's effects2i November 1, 1970 Bhola cyclone in the coastal areas of East Pakistan and the creation of a strong tidal, the tide of the nearly 500,000 people died. The most devastating hurricanes in the history of the geleoetike pranahanirasathika not be considered. The Pakistani military sarakaraemana after the devastating natural disasters that emergency tranakarya new linger. Ghurnijhareraparao who were alive, they die from lack of food and water. A week later, the government of President Yahya Khan of the cyclone disasters could not understand why bhayabahata tranakarya not operate correctly. Tornado disaster in Pakistan cruelty towards people of East Pakistan became the manusaksubdha. November 4 meeting, Maulana Bhashani inefficiency charges against the President of Pakistan promulgated and immediately demanded his resignation. For the first time in the history of the civil war in a country because it was a natural event.
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